Climate Recon 2050: Dialogue on Pathways and Policies for a climate-neutral EU” is a project that brings together policymakers from EU Member States, with one overarching goal: to support national long-term climate-planning frameworks and the implementation of national long-term climate strategies (LTCSs), while contributing to the harmonisation of long-term climate action across the EU.

The objective of the project is to organize dialogue workshops for government experts, to undertake targeted comparative analysis of selected national LTCSs in the project’s target regions, to create opportunities for cooperation between relevant stakeholders by organizing regional seminars in the target regions and to conduct outreach activities.

The project consists of a number of separate workshops for policymakers from across Europe, as well as a number of dissemination events unfolding across 2020 and 2022 – as well as a series of written outputs on the topics under discussion.